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Subject: God Given Vision

The purpose of a vision in it beginning stages can be established in two parts

The visionary has to define the purpose of the mission. The mission can come from the Pain of someone’s past that is converted to Purpose for someone else’s future.  How do you know if you have been inspired by God to do a work in the community in which you  live. You will see that the purpose of your past experiences, will fuel you to satisfy a problem in the future.  Back in 1992 after the passing of my mother and father, was turning point in my life. Upon completing high school, I struggled through college. I was on a $20.00 a month budget, so I had to work and go to school. I received a partial football scholarship. In which I am grateful to God. In order to have extra money I would cut grass, and pick up trash after football practice 5 days a week.  Most of the times after practice, before I finished picking up the trash, the cafeteria would have closed. I would go to bed hungry many nights. Fortunately, I had a mentor and father figure at a small local church I attended in the community. Ironically he was the assistant manager of the school’s cafeteria. He would place a small wooden block blocking the cafeteria’s back door, I would be able to get in. There was leftover food on the counter from earlier that day. I had food to eat that night. I am forever grateful for him and others who helped me alone the way. Ten years later, in 2002, I was inspired to start a charity organization.  I was inspired to mentor teens and start a Scholarship program for High School Graduates. In 2006, the United Families of America Group became an established Non-profit, with a 501c3. The Organization began to expand and add other community service programs.  We have a K-12 afterschool feeding programs with over 10 thousand meals served, in Arkansas. Four global food pantries, and commodities for the elderly and the homeless. The Charity, United families of America Group allows me to be a little block of hope that keeps the door open for others.

CEO Levi Morris JR. President


Yours Truly

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CEO Levi T. Morris Jr.


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