Terms to Know:
Registration= Funding that covers sum of the cost of event venues, supplies, and food for 3 days.
Early Bird= Discount program for early registering only in October.
Alumni= All high school graduates & recipience of the UFA scholarship between 2002 and present.
New School= All young people ages 17 to 34.
Old School= All young people ages 34 and up.
President Club= Group of leaders that coordinate the MRM Heritage Reunion. 
1% Rule= When 100 people each commit to 1 % of the of the financial responsibility of the MRM Heritage Reunion. 
UFA-AR Chapter= Feeding program for at-risk and disadvantage children log on to www.ufamentorgroup.org 
Locker Room= A period of time were men & women come together and talk about real life issues.
Sunday Ticket= The grand finally of the MRM Heritage Reunion. 
Council Members= Group of people that volunteer time to implement solutions for MRM family members. 
Power 30= Group of people that see the value of our UFA non-profit charity, and they make a annual contribution to our match fund in October.
Role Model Family= The children of Daisy and Levi Morris Sr.
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